Tracy Carefoot is a multi-disciplinary fine artist, illustrator, graphic designer and educator. Her creative skills cross artistic boundaries as she switches from her sketchbook to her computer, from her sewing machine to her painting easel. She enjoys experimenting and is constantly trying new mediums.

Tracy spent most of her childhood in the Caribbean and South America. Being a “third culture kid” informs her approach to imagery and colour. She also finds inspiration in her life in Canada, and particularly in the Gatineau Hills. Tracy tells stories in her paintings, creating archetypal mythologies inspired her observations of the land and its creatures. There is a nugget of truth in each piece. She sees Spirit in Nature – filled with wonder and delight. Her paintings celebrate the changing seasons, birds flying overhead, smoking campfires, loons calling on the lake, fish jumping in the river, and languid hills resting under a full moon. Her work is warm, friendly, and always human.

Her studio is located in Chelsea, Quebec where she has lived and worked for over 30 years.