Many years ago I had a “what if” moment while strolling in my garden. The Bleeding Hearts were blooming, each tiny heart dangling off the plant at a different stage of development. In a flash I pictured a huge, three-dimensional flower, a sort of Claes Oldenburg meets Georgia O’Keeffe piece. I just had to create it. Thus began my love affair with the miniature world in my wild garden.

The process of making each sculpture is time consuming, painstaking and meditative. The flowers have taught me great patience. With each piece I have honed my techniques, photographing the fleeting blooms, creating the sewing patterns, shaping and re-shaping each element before I cut out, sew, stuff, quilt, assemble and paint the large forms. They are made from artist’s canvas and supported by hidden wires and aluminum rods. Wall-mounted on wooden sconces, they project out into the room.